Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I learned a lot about my learning style using the Gregorc learning style test. However, I didn't fall into an exact category. I was spread out with 17 CR and 11 AR and 16 CS and 16 AS. This basically means I'm Mostly the 3 category's. In Gardner's test i scored a 4 for linguistic, 4 for Logical and Mathematical, 2 for musical, and 2 again for spatial and bodily kinesthetic and Intra-personal, and a 0 for inter-personal. I look up to my dad and i think his learning style is logical-mathematical because he is very good in math. I look up to my mom as well and i think she is spatial because she likes art and visualizing. I admire my eldest cousin and think his learning style is also logical-mathematical because he is very good in math and likes to question and calculate.
Sai V. is logical and mathematical and his post was good because it shows how much you can surprise yourself doing these tests. Ross is also the same and I liked his post because it's very explaining.
This new knowledge of my self helps me because I know what i'm best at and i could learn easier using the learning style that's best for me.

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  1. It sounds like you made some pretty good educational guesses about your family members' learning styles. You needed to elaborate and explain more about the Gregorc test and what CR, AR, CS, and AS mean and whether or not they truly apply to you as a learner.