Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Creativity Crisis

The Ted Talk and article really made me rethink creativity. I never thought about how much schools are killing creativity. I was really interested in the point Ken Robinson said about the dancer. It proves how creativity can help you in life. She became a professional dancer when someone told her she had to move to learn. But someone else who doesn't appreciate creativity would just tell her to calm down. It shows teachers who believe in direct directions and no originality will not help all students. It's better to teach with creativity somehow involved with their teaching style. I have experienced lack of creativity in certain classes. Teachers state you have to do something a certain way. Even math can have different solutions to problems. Instead of thinking one way you can think of many different solutions. Ken Robinson said schools are destroying creativity and I agree. The creativity crisis article states that you can learn creativity as long as you practice, like basketball. Which teachers need to start to do.

This creativity crisis will affect the future a lot. Even now, world wide problems can be solved only with creative solutions. Like making peace in Afghanistan.  So in the future when new problems occur, we should have new ideas and solutions. This is very important and we have to continue the creativity that came from us when we were kindergartners. According to the article, creative students with teachers who are tolerant of too much curiosity and wrong answers tend to excel. When they don't they tend to drop out of high school. This shows how much we need teachers including creativity. Once we do that, creativity will no longer suffer.

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