Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Years

Looking back last year, I realized that I didn't change that much. I have the same grades(good), same personality I'm pretty sure, and same ideas of what I like to do during my free time. The only difference is that I actually use the computer at home because I got a Mac-book. I did start looking at the worlds news and realized that it's getting worse. No problems are being solved. Like World Hunger, and the U.S debt problem. But hopefully this year will be a better one. Unfortunately, 2012 was a horrible year. Hurricane Sandy affected many on the East coast. The shooting in Connecticut. I pray that the year 2013 is going to be better.

I am against New Year's resolutions because I forget about it one day and then I stress about it the next day. I feel like I really messed up when it's really about something simple. Like last year, my resolution was to get all over 95% in every class. PE ended up 94%. If I didn't have a resolution I wouldn't fret about it. In 8th grade, I forgot about it and just learned normally. I ended up getting all 95% and above so far. So I ended up doing better without stressing about it. 
So in the end, I hope 2013 is going to be better and I hate Resolutions.

Monday, January 14, 2013

my view on political parties

Political Parties

I think the two main political parties are going to be our downfall. The U.S two parties are unfairly above 3rd parties and don’t try to compromise much. They might try a bit, but they haven't got much done about the fiscal cliff problem. The main problem congress was not able to make the decision because of the two main parties arguing with each other. I don’t necessarily think that there should no political parties. But they should work together instead of against each other. If this goes on, then we might have to get rid of political parties.They have different goals and solutions and it almost like they are rivals. It’s okay to have different ideas, but to continuously rival in decisions is not healthy for our country’s future. This is a government, not a game of football. Their “fans” are devoted to them causing separation in our country. Often hating the other side just like in a football game.In fact, the president is more loyal to his/her party than his citizens. I always thought it was people and the government compromises for our government first, then the parties. But lately, they’ve been arguing with each other a lot more. I believe this is the biggest problem our government needs to fix before we try to resolve anything else. If the government continues to ignore it, we will continue to see a number of problems unsolved.
The democratic & Republican parties have too much power as well. For example, 3rd party candidates for president might have a good ideas but just because they are not in the two main parties, they can barely make their names get in the ballot in all the states. I think if their ideas were heard and actually taken into consideration, we might
actually have a solution to some of our escalating number of problems. There are many 3rd parties that would certainly help our economic issues at the moment. The more ideas, the merrier.
Lately, I’ve felt like the government isn’t paying attention to our debt problems. Truthfully, they are trying to solve it. But it doesn’t seem like it because they keep pushing the fiscal cliff back.They had 2 years to solve it but waited until the last minute to actually think about it and couldn’t come up with anything. It’s almost like someone put a bandage on a open giant gash that’s continuing to bleed. They came up with a last minute law that they would raise taxes to high income citizens. But the U.S is still biting off more than they can chew. We are using too much money compared to the money we take in.
Obviously Terry Mitchell agrees with me about the fact that political parties are literally splitting us apart. As he says in his article, George Washington foresaw this more than two centuries ago. We should have heeded his warning. A man named Jeff Thomas also agrees and states that it is possible to have a fair government without political parties. He gives an example of the Cayman Islands. They used to have political parties, but realized that it was not the answer and changed. This is his article. In it it shows what changes are going in the Cayman Islands and how they proposed a solution. They have made a coalition of Independents instead of formal parties. Although Jeff has a few questions, he seems to think it will help the Cayman Islands and make it a stronger country. I agree. Here in America the two political parties won’t listen to each other. They want what they want and nothing else. Sure, there have been some compromises, but only on certain issues. For example, I predict they will compromise on gun control because they both want to limit the guns citizens have access to. But will they ever compromise on issues that they have complete different views in but are still important? Probably not. Which is why we need to scrap these parties and start from scratch, or find a way to make the party idea better. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

my plan for 20% project

I want to do the origins of martial arts. All  I need is Google presentations and my computer at home to make my presentation. Some obstacles might be the usual. Which websites will have the right and accurate info. and which ones to trust will be the main ones road blocks. But I'm confident I can find Trustworthy websites. My master in Karate class would help me on this.:)