Monday, December 17, 2012

freedoms questions

I know that we have many important freedoms in the United States, and I am grateful for it, but what happens when two laws clash. For example, the case with christian scientists who refused to give their 2 year-old son medical attention. They prayed for their son instead. But the son died. So it was freedom of religion vs. manslaughter. Who judges which is more important? Is it just the judge at that time, or were there seperate rules already stated about two laws clashing. Have those been overturned? I guess it really dependes on which laws clash.

Another question I have is how do laws or court rulings get overturned? Do they have another court case? Or do they just bring it up to the government? Then how does the government judge the new information? It makes more sense to have a court case.

After research, I found there is a new court case to overturn laws. There are lots of cases that get overturned. Like the christian scientists case. It got overturned to the freedom of religion side a few years later after the case happened. But I was not able to find out how they judge laws clashing together hough.