Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Years

Looking back last year, I realized that I didn't change that much. I have the same grades(good), same personality I'm pretty sure, and same ideas of what I like to do during my free time. The only difference is that I actually use the computer at home because I got a Mac-book. I did start looking at the worlds news and realized that it's getting worse. No problems are being solved. Like World Hunger, and the U.S debt problem. But hopefully this year will be a better one. Unfortunately, 2012 was a horrible year. Hurricane Sandy affected many on the East coast. The shooting in Connecticut. I pray that the year 2013 is going to be better.

I am against New Year's resolutions because I forget about it one day and then I stress about it the next day. I feel like I really messed up when it's really about something simple. Like last year, my resolution was to get all over 95% in every class. PE ended up 94%. If I didn't have a resolution I wouldn't fret about it. In 8th grade, I forgot about it and just learned normally. I ended up getting all 95% and above so far. So I ended up doing better without stressing about it. 
So in the end, I hope 2013 is going to be better and I hate Resolutions.

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