Friday, September 21, 2012

Being Gifted

      Most people think to be gifted you have to be perfect. But there are ups and down to being gifted. There are many myths as well. Of course this means there are many truths as well. This post is going to explain the ups, downs, truths, and myths of being gifted.
      Being gifted has many ups. Most of the time, you are smarter than other people in certain subjects. Or in other words, gifted and talented kids are better than most people in certain things. If you're in a gifted and talented program, you have more confidence because you know you are special, or gifted, in some way. Because of these things gifted kids will most likely get a good job that brings in a lot of money in the areas they are strongest in. Plus, if your gifted you'll have special opportunities and in life they are better problem solvers and of course, ROGATE is boss (ROGATE is really awesome and fun).
      Unfortunately,  being gifted has many downs as well. Most gifted kids have asynchronous development (don't know what it means? click here) and more expectations. Some kids get bored in school and even adults over estimate gifted kids. Worst of all, they can feel out of place and dumbs themselves down. That's the worst crime possible.
      There are many truths and myths about being gifted as well. Most people think of gifted people as perfect, or great in everything. This is false as you can tell from the down sides of being gifted in the previous paragraph. It's also a myth for gifted kids getting A's all the time. These are not true and the myths are very wrong. All kids have weaknesses and strengths.  In addition, some truths are that we have strengths and weaknesses and are smarter than most people in certain things.
      I have had quite a few experiences myself from being gifted. Once I got a C in 6th grade in Social Studies. What happened? I simply didn't understand as well as other kids for that certain investigation. On the paper my teacher said that she expected more from me and she thought I wasn't trying hard enough. I can assure you I was trying pretty hard in the amount of time I studied for the test. She thought I should only get good grades because I am a gifted student. But that's a myth. I also had lots of ups to being gifted. Due to the fact that I am gifted and i try hard in class my teachers tend to like me. Which creates a small chain reaction because they tell my parents and they trust me more in school-related things because I really care. They aren't as much behind my back when my teacher's say good things about me. This is a great up of being gifted.
     Ultimately, don't believe everything about perfectness of being gifted.

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  1. Sai, you did a nice job linking to the research but I also wanted you to share some personal experiences with any of the ups/downs, myths, or truths.