Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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(highlighted part was the shadow on the rock)

Risky rock climbing story

"Come on Jack."

"No way Bob, have you even seen what you are

talking about."

Jack was trying and failing to convince Bob to

climb the abnormal pile of rock. Bob however, thought it was much too risky to do so. They were not

sure if the rock on top would hold their weight.  Jack sighed in frustration. He had a pretty boring life

along with Bob and extreme rock climbing has always been on his bucket list. But now Bob was too

afraid to do it. Whatever, he was going to do it with or with out his best.

"What are you doing. Stop it. It's too dangerous."

Jack just ignored him. He got the safety rope on the top and was ready to do what he always wanted to

do. As Jack climbed higher and higher he felt just as he thought he would. He was having a great time

and even managed to get close to the top. Now was the risky park. Would the top rock hold his weight?

He was going to find out. As he slowly and as cautiously as he could, climbed to the top, he started to

feel nervous. No stopping now, he thought. He finally pulled himself up to the top. HE DID IT. But

then there was a sudden creaking sound. THE ROCK WAS FALLING. He thought fast he climbed

down to the rock below and hung there as the top rock tumbled down. That was close. He had no safe

way of getting down but Bob managed to get help.He survived the extreme rock climbing. Next on the

bucket list was scuba diving to the titanic.

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